Tables for garden furniture

Tables for garden furniture

During the summer, many people want to use their garden/outdoor area, perhaps to be together with friends and relatives. Our tables for garden furniture are what you are looking for this summer.

Tables for garden furniture

Ceramic furnishings

Furnishing your garden with wrought iron and ceramic tables and chairs is the ideal choice. The resistance of these furnishings is given both by the strength of the wrought iron, which represents its base; and by ceramic, a precious and delicate material, but at the same time suitable for resisting bad weather and time. The characterizing aspect of our garden furniture tables is not only the guarantee that it will remain intact for a long time; they are in fact handmade objects and hand painted by skilled painters, two factors that make them real pieces of art.

Ceramics has always been a valuable workmanship, capable of giving every object of daily use an extra gear. For example, a wrought iron and ceramic table will not only be useful for lunches and dinners with friends, fresh afternoon teas, outdoor smart working; it will give a more important and classy appearance to the entire garden. In particular, thanks to its shape and the colors of the decorations, the entire outdoor space, whether it is a garden, a terrace, a pitch, will be more beautiful.

Set of tables, chairs and benches

In order to order a table from our catalog, it will be necessary to choose a wrought iron base, available in various shapes and with a black, graphite or ivory finish; of course it is also possible to choose the ceramic top decoration among those proposed for each item. Plans can be:

  • Round (diameters 60, 65, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, 140 cm). The central walker can be inserted in the round shape with a diameter of 120, 125, 130, 140 cm;
  • Squares (side 70, 80, 90, 100 cm);
  • Rectangular (measures 120 × 80, 150 × 80, 150 × 100, 160 × 90, 180 × 90, 200 × 90, 200 × 100 cm);
  • Oval (measures 75 × 60, 130 × 100, 160 × 110, 190 × 125 cm).

After choosing the base and the top, you can combine the table with chairs and benches (with and without backrest) to create your personal set.

Consult the TABLES section of the online catalog.