Prompt delivery artistic ceramic

Prompt delivery artistic ceramic

Our online catalog of ceramic items is vast, with furnishings such as tables, chairs and benches, with a wrought iron base and ceramic top, and other smaller ones such as vases, masks, bottles, plant holders, etc. Here you can find each item we make and choose its size, shape and decoration before ordering it. Each item is made entirely by hand, from the shape of the object to the decoration; therefore for orders from the catalog longer times are required. Alternatively, you can consult the section of the site with prompt delivery artistic ceramic.

Prompt delivery artistic ceramic

In this section there are not only many of our items that also belong to the possible choices in the catalog, but are available immediately and have an advantageous price.

As in the catalog, it is possible to select a category of items that you prefer among: bottles, masks, jars, plates, lamp holders, umbrella stands, plant holders, set-collections of articles and tables. For each category you will find at least one item ready for delivery.

It’s not possible to modify and customize dimensions, shape or decorations of prompt delivery items. They will be delivered to you as described on the website and as you can see in the corresponding image.

Manual painting

What the prompt delivery items have in common with those in the catalog is their realization. In fact, they are all made at our headquarters in Greve in Chianti, and our painters have painted the decorations entirely by hand. This is why we call it artistic ceramic.

Take advantage of the items ready for delivery for last minute gifts; or to save a little on the sale price but still have a valuable ceramic object to furnish your home.

The availability of prompt delivery artistic ceramic is limited. Click here to consult the PROMPT DELIVERY section.