Personalized Italian ceramic

Personalized Italian ceramic

Chianti Arte Ceramica is a Tuscan company located in Greve in Chianti (Florence) that for years has been manufacturing and selling ceramic and wrought iron furnishings. The fusion of these two materials creates aesthetically beautiful and refined, and extremely resistant objects, therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. In particular, we make ceramic, wrought iron tables, chairs and benches; other furnishing objects, such as vases, masks, umbrella stands, are entirely in ceramic, worked and painted by hand.

Personalized Italian ceramic

We stand out because in addition to our decorations, we also realize decorations, writings or other customizations requested by you. If in our online catalog you have found the model that’s right for you but would like it to be more personal and unique, tell us your ideas!

A personalized Italian ceramic item can be an excellent gift idea. For example, you could choose one of our furniture items as a gift for a wedding; ask us to paint the wedding date and the name of the couple on it. Alternatively, we can decorate objects that you can choose from the catalog.Provide to us drawings / photographs and personal dedications. You could give a gift to your friend who has just bought a house, or to your uncle for his new restaurant. The gift ideas on our catalog are really many and with the possibility of personalization. You will have the opportunity to make a special and valuable gift, as well as beautiful and functional.

Ceramic pot

If in our catalog you have not found items that are right for you, or you like one but want some changes, you can contact us and let us know. We will evaluate the feasibility and recommend the best way to meet your needs!

Some examples of customized products that we have created are: hand-painted ceramic tops made to measure (for kitchens, bathrooms, tables, etc.); decorated tiles and barbecue.

For customized productions the methods of realization, prices and shipping times must be agreed privately. Contact us at the following address