Our Products


All our TABLES can be made in the following shapes and sizes:

– round shape (diameters cm 60, 65, 80, 85, 90, 100, 110, 120, 125, 130, 140);

– square shape (side 70, 80, 90, 100 cm);

– rectangular shape (dimensions cm 120×80, 150×80, 150×100, 160×90, 180×90, 200×90, 200×100);

– oval shape (dimensions cm 75×60, 130×100, 160×110, 190×125).

In the round shape of 120 cm diameter, 125, 130, 140, the central roller (“girello”) can be inserted; this is an iron base with a ceramic top put at the center of the table and, able to rotate, allows all people sitting around it to choose what’s on it (eg drinks or snacks).

All terracotta tops can be made with the special “a scavo” technique, characterized by irregularities in the terracotta surface that make it even more unique, rustic and aged.

Consider that the measure of any terracotta object should be considered susceptible of tolerance ,  because as it is a totally handicraft product, it may be altered during the cooking.

After cooking the ceramic parts, when treated with special materials, let a very special spider web appear on the surface (called “crackle”); this is a chap and cracking effect ( a technique dating back to ‘700), which makes each object even more unique!

The iron bases are made rough, hot galvanized and powder painted in a 180° oven with two hands finish; they can be realized in different shapes and with different colour finishes (some examples are shown below).

Each table can be combined with chairs and benches (with and without backrest) to create a gorgeous set!

Any item can be personalized on demand with dedication and signatures (see the menu ”Customizations”).


Hand-forged iron chairs can be made either with ceramic inserts (seat and medallion) or wrought iron.

The iron and ceramic chairs can have a medallion on the backrest or even the decorated ceramic seat.

All chairs can be combined with tables.  Particularly, chairs with ceramic inserts (both medallion and seating) can be combined with the table with the same decoration; the central ceramic medallion and the eventual hand-painted sitting are decorated with some details of the table design.

Ceramic details can also be made with the special “ a  scavo” technique (see table for details).

All iron structures can have different colour finishes of your choice.


Wrought iron benches with hand-painted ceramic seat can be made with or without backrest.  

They have the particular “a fagiolino” shape and are available in sizes 50 x 40 cm (bench) 100×40 and 135×40 (for the model with no backrest) and in sizes 100×40 and 135×40 (for the model with backrest).

They can be matched to the table with the same decoration and can also be made with the special “a scavo” technique (for details see what is shown for the tables).

Iron bases may have different colour finishes at your choice.


Inside the catalogue you will also find the following items entirely made in hand-painted ceramic:

– BOTTLES (available in round, rectangular, square and triangular shapes and in different sizes);

– WALL MASKS (available in different shapes and sizes);

– DISHES (available in different shapes and sizes);

– PLANT-POTS (available in different shapes and sizes);

– JARS (available in different shapes and sizes);

– TABLE CENTREPIECES (available in different shapes and sizes);

– LAMP-HOLDERS (available in different sizes);

– UMBRELLA STANDS (available in different sizes).

Our company, besides what is included in this catalogue, will be pleased to examine custom projects, so that to create not included models (such as interior tiles, kitchen tops, stoves and more!).