Hand-painted ceramic plates

Hand-painted ceramic plates

In our online catalog there are several models of hand-painted ceramic plates, with different characteristics, decorations and sizes.

The ceramic plates we realize are not for daily use; you can use them just for furnishings or to show them on special occasions. The important material that compose them, that is the ceramic, and the decoration entirely conceived and created by our artists, make them artistic objects of furniture.

In the living rooms of every Italian grandmother, in the cellars, in the taverns, in restaurants, taverns and typical trattorias (especially in Tuscany), you will find a collection of ceramic plates. They are often personalized, with images and writings representing the place or its inhabitants. In these places, the ceramic plates usually exposed hanging on the wall, on a wooden piece of furniture or above the fireplace in the main room, are a real piece of history.

You too can today enjoy an artistic object with an important and ancient meaning.

Hand-painted ceramic plates in the catalog

In our online catalog you will find eight models of hand-painted ceramic plates.

  • Paolo and Antonio: oval shape with and without narrow curl handles (in the sizes of 65 × 37 and 80 × 45 cm);
  • Luca: oval shape with raised curl handles (in the dimensions of 60 × 43 and 75 × 53 cm); square shape with raised curly handles (in the sizes of 50 × 50 and 60 × 60 cm); rectangular shape with raised curl handles (in the sizes of 60 × 45 and 70 × 50 cm);
  • Gioele: oval shape with scalloped edge (in the sizes of 57 × 43 and 70 × 53 cm);
  • Giovanni: round shape with raised curly handles (in diameters of 45, 50 and 60 cm);
  • Michele: square shape without handles (in the sizes of 50 × 50 and 60 × 60 cm).

For each plate it is possible to create different decorations, also in combination with other objects such as tables, centerpieces.

Some models of dishes are also available for immediate delivery in the Dishes section at a discounted price.