Decorative ceramic umbrella stands

Decorative ceramic umbrella stands

Objects of great decorative value, ceramic umbrella stands are useful and beautiful to look at in any home and with any type of furniture.

With September the days of summer rain begin to be more frequent and we begin to pull out the umbrellas, and with them the umbrella stands. Why exhibit an ugly umbrella stand, perhaps in plastic, at the entrance of your home, be it inside or outside? It could ruin the appearance of the entire furniture.

Essentially, whether in ceramic or other materials, the umbrella stand fulfills its task. What differentiates the products is the quality of the material; as well as the value and beauty that it also transmits in relation to the overall appearance of the house. A ceramic object made and painted by hand certainly makes its appearance at the entrance of a house. It is there, ready to welcome your guests.

The hand-painted ceramic umbrella stands are available in 30 cm in diameter, 50 and 60 cm in height. The decorations can be optioned directly on the product page, also combined with those of other furnishings on the site. For example, if the entrance to your home leads directly to the dining room, you can think of combining the umbrella stand with a centerpiece, or directly with a set of table and chairs.

Ceramic umbrella stands in the catalog

Present in our online catalog the umbrella stand model with side rings. The diameter is fixed at 30 cm, while the height is variable, from 50 to 60 cm. The price ranges from € 200 to € 340 based on the size and decoration chosen.

The decorations available are varied, from flowers, to fruit, to poodles to marine settings. Check out all the decorations in this article.

The decorations are all entirely handmade to give a touch of uniqueness and art to an everyday object such as an umbrella stand.