Ceramic objects

Ceramic objects

Tuscan ceramic objects.

At Chianti Arte Ceramica you will find a wide range of objects, furnishings and furnishing accessories in Tuscan ceramic.

A vast exhibition is present at our shop in Chianti; but of course there is also the possibility of view different articles and to buy them even from the comfort of home, thanks to our website.

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Artistic ceramics

You will have the opportunity to view and choose from vases, pot holders, tableware, personalized gift items to be decorated directly by our staff. Or you can choose from our many furnishing proposals. Tables, seats, garden furniture and much more. All of course always highly customizable for sizes and decorations.

Finally, we can also perform customized decorations based on the customer’s tastes. Customized designs, colours and decorations and written for every occasion.

The results obtained will always be original handmade objects, suitable for decorating your home or ideal as gifts. For more info: info@chiantiarteceramica.it