Artistic ceramic: our decorations

Artistic ceramic: our decorations

An artistic ceramic furniture item has a greater intrinsic value than any other object. These are real small works of art, born from the passion and talent of those who have to deal with this precious material every day. Our painters are artists: they make each decoration by hand of every piece of furniture, which will therefore be unique and unrepeatable. You can customize most of our ceramic and wrought iron products in size, shape and color of the base (as for chairs, tables and benches) and decorations. Below we show you the decorations we make to make our furnishings, artistic ceramic objects.

Artistic ceramic: our decorations

Our painters, who have many years of experience in the ceramic field behind them, paint all our products by hand. Yours too. In fact, the articles are made on request after the order is sent.

The decorations that you can have on your interior and exterior furnishings are many. For convenience, we will illustrate them divided into categories.

Decorations with fruit

The decorations with fruit are the most numerous, along with those with flowers. The choice is very varied, and each decoration is different in: type of fruit, colors, arrangement of the decoration, presence of flowers and butterflies or not. This type of decoration goes well on every item, from table sets, chairs and benches, to vases, to decorative bottles.

Decorations with flowers and plants

Also in this case the flowers vary: sunflowers, calla lilies, roses, etc. In some flower decorations there are also fruits, such as lemon, or butterflies that fly here and there.

Geometrie decoration

The geometric decoration is unique in its kind, characterized precisely by geometric shapes with colors such as blue, light blue and yellow.

Artistic ceramic

Poodles (barboncini) decoration

As the name implies, this decoration is characterized by poodles, more precisely black silhouettes on a background composed of curled motifs.

Oceano decoration

The name suggests that it is a decoration with a marine setting, with fish and other inhabitants of the ocean.